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BEEing an Affordable Housing Resource... Elevating Holistic Communities!

The mission of B.E.E. is to create affordable and supportive housing units for low-income and underserved individuals and families, with a focus on veterans. Using a modular, 3-D Printing buildout model, B.E.E. intends to decrease the wealth gap for minorities.

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Welcome To Change!

B.E.E. is a working collective to Build, Engage, and Elevate people and communities. With comprehensive supportive services built into its "village" model of community, B.E.E. is focused on providing holistic care, health, and wealth-building programs in a communal environment as the foundation of its concept of building stronger, healthier communities in historically underserved areas.

BEEing the Difference U Want to See!

BEE Overview

Build Engage & Elevate has embarked on a journey to help connect families to the building blocks of economic stability (income, education, and poor health) by offering an array of services, including Individual and Family Counseling, Substance Use After-Care and Recovery Awareness programs, and activities, Job & Workforce Development, Expressive Therapy Groups, Prevention Services, and cultural-arts programming.


BEE ensures its clients have the tools they need to thrive and achieve quality of life. BEE serves disadvantaged communities that are deemed high need and high potential, as established by income, unemployment, educational and capacity measures. These communities are the focal point for program funding and related grassroots community organizing, and related work in the pre-identified issue areas. Wellness, empowerment, learning, and leadership are the core values of BEE.


BEE is focused on healing targeted communities that are wrought with residents suffering from multiple modalities, crime and violence, unemployment, and poverty. Also, as 14.1 percent of Illinois residents live in poverty, the magnitude of impoverishment in smaller south suburban areas is undoubtedly dramatically higher. BEE provides its services via licensed spiritual counselors, recovery coaches, peer counselors, volunteers, certified peer recovery specialists, law enforcement, and former school administrators that are committed to helping our clients and their families realize quality of life through mental/behavioral, recovery, and health supports.

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As pressures of our domestic economy and events threaten the safety of all youth in disadvantaged communities, the BEE Center seeks to provide skills and a safe environment to keep youth and young adults on the right path while grooming them for positions of leadership.

We are comprised of educators, musicians, spiritual leaders, artists, health care professionals, community activists, business veterans, martial artists, and mentors who aim to nurture the youth of today to better the communities of tomorrow.

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