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Every individual, family and/or veteran has access to the services and support needed to avoid homelessness and achieve sustainable housing.


Homelessness and its consequences are leading causes of personal and family suffering and community problems resulting in major health and social costs. BEE exists to directly help Veterans and their families affected by homelessness in Illinois or those in danger of becoming homeless. We strive to serve, inform, educate, and train others to carry a message of hope. As a result, we aim to set a new way of BEEing for respectfully meeting the housing and supportive service needs in Black and Brown communities (particularly for Veterans), while maintaining the worth and dignity of all those involved.

How We Work

Like bees, we work as a collective Of for profit and nonprofits joined together for a common cause…to protect and preserve communities of color. From acquisitions to remodeling dilapidated housing and vacant lots, we all Build, Engage, and Empower people to generate sustainable income through real estate. 

Why we BEE?

Bees work together to bridge gaps. 

Bees help each other. From keeping each warm or cool to sharing food, they look out for one another. 

Bees care for their sick. 


The rest of the members of the hive engage in other activities including fending for the little ones.


Bees are highly organized and get the job done through collective impact. 

BEE is on a mission to change the way we think about access and agency. 

BEE sees the honeycomb as a representation of our communities... a strong, vibrant community that makes current and future residents and businesses want to locate, live, work, and/or enjoy recreation and cultural arts there.

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