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Community Development Objectives

  • Benefit low and moderate income persons

    • In addition to low-and moderate-income individuals, there are groups of individuals that are generally presumed to meet this criteria such as: veterans, domestic violence survivors, elderly persons, and displaced families.

  • Aid in the prevention or elimination of dilapidated buildings and vacant lots

    • Elimination of blight in disinvested communities. Focused collective work in public improvements throughout the area.

    • Focused acquisitions and rehabilitation of buildings for reprised homeownership and wealth creation in Black and Brown communities.

  • Meet community development needs having a particular urgency.

    • Responding to the urgent need to eliminate immediate threats to the health and welfare of our communities.

The Buzz behind B.E.E.

  • Ensure services to provide for basic human needs

    • Prevention of and shelter for the homeless veterans and income challenged persons.

    • Holistic health and wellness services.

    • Services that enhance the safety and welfare of the community.

  • Provide safe, decent and affordable housing

    • Rehabilitate existing housing.

    • Support the development of affordable housing.

  • Establish safe and viable attractive neighborhoods

    • Support public improvement projects in qualifying neighborhoods.

    • Prevent and eliminate blighted and deteriorated areas.

    • Support safe spaces to commune free of violence.

  • Enhance resources for positive individual, family, and community growth

    • Develop special projects/services.

    • Develop recreation opportunities.

    • Provide fair housing information and advocacy.

  • Create employment opportunities and economic growth

    • Support Economic Development Activities in the Chicagoland region through workforce development training and entrepreneurship.


Veterans Housing

B.E.E. is intentional about providing veterans with housing opportunities that make them feel at home. From case management services, including health and wellness, to income stability, recovery support services, and financial capability… the BEEs make you feel welcome and honored for your service. Funding from the community and private foundations helps us empower veterans to transition from homelessness to having a permanent residency in just 12-14 months.


Discover your new home by contacting us today!

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