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Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

The mission of BEE is to create and sustain educational, recovery support, and workforce development services that enhance the nature and flow of resources to underserved and/or low-income youth, adult individuals, and families in the greater Chicagoland region. BEE is a holistic community-based agency hub for enriching lives and preparing individuals to achieve self-sufficiency, excel in health and wellness, learn marketable skills, and achieve the quality of life through the following key areas:


Educational Support,

Academic Enhancement,

Social Development,


Crisis Intervention

and Life Skill Enrichment.


BEE is a multi-service entity that promotes and advocates for those in recovery and has begun the process to become certified by ARCO as an RCO. Through programming based on best practice models1 encouraged by SAMHSA, ICJIA, and the Faces & Voices of Recovery, the Indigenous Peoples Recovery Community Organization (IP-RCO) encourages spiritual, physical, mental health, and life skill development programming, along with the uplifting of indigent people in disinterested communities to attain the quality of life.

What do you specialize in?

• Workforce Development/Job & Soft Skills Training Programs
• Youth Development Initiatives
• Recovery Support Services
• Social Justice/Re-entry

What are the rates of your services?

All of ICSC's programs and services are income-based and usually FREE.

Are you a tax-exempt organization?

BEE was formed in 2014 and received its tax-exempt designation in 2017. Verification of status may be found here by entering Indigenous Community Service Center in the name search box>

What are your historical qualifications?

Since 2017, BEE has provided recovery support services, consultation, and formation advice for other ROSC Councils in the Chicagoland area, along with direct programming working with clients individually. This also includes hosting community workshops to help bolster client resumes, self-esteem, Success Over Addiction to Recovery (S.O.A.R.) skills, and like life skills critical to success engagement and contributions to society.


For those in recovery and/or ex-offenders, achieving stability can be even more challenging and difficult. Through our Achieving Collective Empowerment (ACE) program, BEE has trained 372 individuals and matched nearly 223 participants with employment opportunities since 2019. At least 34% successfully retained positions and/or moved up in their company over a one-year period during the pandemic season.

BEE’s expansion came by hosting community workshops for participants to share information/ concerns, receive coaching advice and share their visions for service needs to effectively achieve their own goals. Through Peer Coaches who have successfully maintained sobriety for a minimum of two years, supportive relationships with our clients are established. These peer coaches nurture and guide them through the recovery management process as it pertains to job retention, which enhances the recovery process by providing participants with unlimited social support as they grow and make progress.

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